City Landscape

The new series of paintings, (still in progress) is inspired by the painting City Landscape by Joan Mitchell. I have always been drawn to this painting at the Art Institute of Chicago and I make sure to visit it when I’m in town.

The circular composition appeals to me and after looking at so much Cezanne, the eye of a woman artist is refreshing.

My goal is to paint only from memory and sketches (no photographs!) and incorporate fragments of many remembered landscapes into one painting. Using familiar motifs from other paintings, I will create an imagined space that refers to multiple places. In this way the composition will indicate movement through time and memory as well as through physical space.

I hope to move away from the specificity of a particular place, and instead convey a general sense of space and movement through an imagined landscape.

Joan Mitchell  City Landscape, 1955

Joan Mitchell

City Landscape, 1955