Welcome to the new incarnation of catherinesky.com

Although this new site has been long overdue, my heart is somewhat heavy as I bid adieu to my former iWeb creation.   I hope this new format will lend itself more flexibly to the work as it evolves. 

Artist's Statement

My work begins with the simple act of moving through a landscape. 

Then come questions of location and vantage point. How does the point from which one is looking relate to where one has been? As the motif becomes transformed by recollection and revisitation, observed over time and under the influence of digital tools, images within images emerge and series evolve. 

My creative impulse is rooted in a deep respect for the natural world and a fascination with the places where the organic and the human-made meet.

While mapping a journey through the physical landscape, the work strives to navigate a course through the abundance of information encountered at the intersection of nature, digital media and the artist's perception.